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YV Marketing is one of the leading importer and wholesaler of corporate premium gifts in Malaysia. Our wide selections of the quality corporate gifts are suitable for any occasions such as product launching, annual dinner, souvenirs for staffs or any promotional events. In order to maintain our company as a leading corporate premium gifts company in Malaysia, we are constantly exploring the latest promotional gifts with latest innovative idea, design and trends to keep pace with our valued clients. Thus, our range of corporate gifts is always able to meet customer requirements and most of the time exceeds customer expectations for the price paid. You may visit this cenderahati korporat website in Bahasa Melayu.

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Looking for corporate gift ideas for a special events? Check below tabs for an ideas.

Being one of the largest gift supplier in Malaysia, we have more than 1,000 over products and we have compiled the most popular annual dinner door gifts, exhibition door gift, conference giveaway, team building gifts and sport days gifts for your easy reference and selection. If you are tired browsing the website, you may download a copy of the gift catalog here or call our corporate gift consultant for enquiry.

Attending exhibitions is a wonderful method of generating interest in your firm and truly elevate your profile within your sector. However, attending these functions is costly and booking a space can consume a lot of money, in addition to purchasing banners and stands. You can make sure that your firm is remembered following the event by investing some money in purchasing some promotional giveaways. It is vital to select the appropriate exhibition door gift. For instance, you can order 500 plastic pens which are affordable; this is determined by the model you select. Place them in front of your stand in order for individuals to pick them up while walking. You can then have items of higher quality such as mugs, to present to individuals you believe you might conduct business with.

In case you are holding a seminar or conference where visitors are going to travel to attend, it adds a lovely touch for corporate gift baskets to be available upon their arrival. If you are carrying out hotel preparations for your visitors, you can arrange for the employees of the hotel to put these baskets in their rooms, prior to their checking in. You can use them also as conference door gifts when they walk to the seminar or conference. First choose the baskets you want to fill and remember corporate gifts are available in all sizes and shapes. However, most are somehow small in dimension. Consider USB drives, candles and key chains. Other huger gifts can be included like jackets, blankets and clothing items.

When you throw a corporate party, this shows appreciation for your staff and company, bringing happiness to your employees and office! Annual dinner door gift work efficiently to show the staff that you recognize their zealous work and provisions to the firm. Famous keepsakes like coasters, magnets and shot glasses, among others can be tailored with company branding as well as each of your supplies for the party. Firms that offer decorative and branding services work to assist in making your process for ordering fast and simple. They also work according to the budget you have. Eliminate items which do not conform to the budget and also bear in mind the target audience so as to get the appropriate gifts.

Gift baskets and sports baskets for men are options for home snacks, tailgate parties and enjoyable sporting gifts for men of all ages. A lot of people derive pleasure from a great game, crunchy snacks and beer. Popcorn is a snack food which is a favourite; others are salsa and chips, cheeses, sausage and peanuts. These food gifts are normally presented in sports baskets, making them ideal sport days gifts. Gifts for the man involved in sports are available in creative baskets. Basketball, tennis, soccer, football or basketball is available in one imaginative present for these men. Crunchy snacks of savoury and sweet edible delights and toys for men of all ages turn sports baskets into fun gifts for men friends, sons, husbands or fathers.

Each firm desires to have a wonderful corporate culture. This is the type where individuals enjoy each other’s company, presenting a healthy blend of fun, productivity and professionalism. There are a lot of methods to attain good corporate culture, such as presenting your employees with lovely team building gifts. When you include these gifts as well as an element of fun in appreciation days for staff and holiday season, you are guaranteed of obtaining the best from employees. Show your staff your dedication to their enjoyment and joy by purchasing gifts in form of table tennis tables for use as conference tables. Transform meetings into tournaments or matches for table tennis and have discussions with your staff over a game.